Protecting my Baby

I finished my Moso Netbook Sock courtesy of Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. My BIL and SIL gave me the book for Xmas, and I love it so far. I wanted to adjust this patten to fit my 15″ MacBook Pro. I ended up using Brava Sport Yarn in Cobblestone Heather on US 4 needles to size it up. I didn’t swatch, I just winged it. I also used Sew Mama Sew‘s Simple Laptop Sleeve pattern to create a lining for the inside of my sleeve. I really liked the grey corduroy, and I like how it looks with the grey yarn next to it. The green button was just a little touch of color. The lining was quick, it only took a morning to make. The knit sock I started on the road trip back from Florida, but it only took a few days concentration to finish. Along with the lining there are two layers of batting sewed in as well. Overall, the lining turned out a little snug, it just barely fits over my laptop. Which is fine overall, since I didn’t want the cover to be too loose. It’ll be perfect for travel.



bookcover bookcover2 bookcover3


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