It’s cold outside. It’s freezing outside. Actually, freezing is an understatement, because it is below freezing. The high for today is 9 degree, with a windchill of -5. I like the warm weather anyway, and dislike cold, but honestly, anything under 20 degrees is just torturous. I wanted to go to pick up some fabric from the store. Despite the weather, I have a bit of cabin fever. Since I quit my ‘day job’ I have been working from home. While its nice to not have to commute, especially in the winter, working from your couch doesn’t afford you much in the way of scenery. Fortunately I took pictures of myself all layered up before I tried starting my car. Apparently my car doesn’t like the cold either.

Frozen frozen2Cold days are good days to be a knitter, though. I’ve got my Celtic Slouch Greenbriar Hat, my Scalene (love Carina Spencer’s designs, btw), and some fingerless gloves I whipped up, no real pattern for them. The key is layers, and as many layers as I can add the better. The good thing about scarves and gloves is that they cover up all the little cracks of skin that sometimes get exposed to weather. The shirt, also, is a recent construct of mine, thanks to this article, but it’ll have to wait to model, because it’s sleeveless cotton jersey. It super comfy though, and I’m wearing it right now. I dyed it ombre, where its a light blue on one end, and charcoal grey on the other. It’s also reversible in the sense that I can wear it upside down, and have a white cowl on a charcoal shirt.

The only problem with layers is I never seem to be able to layer my bottoms as much as my tops. Sure, you can always throw on a couple more scarves, or sweaters, but you can’t really add extra pants, can you? And if you do layer, with tights or something, you can take them off once you get to your friends house, like you can a coat.

Anyway, those are my musings about layers. I have retreated back in to the warmth of my house, and am thawing nicely with some grilled cheese and tomato soup, along with old episodes of Buffy.



One thought on “Frozen

  1. I’m loathing the cold. It makes me miserable to my bones, but there is some small part of me that gives a victory cheers and goes “Yes! This is what all this knitting has been for! My obsession is in truth and advantage!”

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