Birthday Boy

My baby boy turned 13 on Friday! (Actually, I’m not sure when his birthday is, it’s either January or February, so I split the difference and made it February 1st.) Since he’s technically an old man, I let Eddie splurge on a cupcake. I just love his little face! The one where he grabs the cupcake wrapper is my absolute favorite.


eddie1a eddie3a


I can’t believe I’ve had him half my life. Since I was a freshman in high school! So much has changed since then: high school, college, relationships, jobs, apartments, good times and bad, my baby has been by my side. As cheesy as it sounds, I don’t know what I’d do without him.

Note: He’s half Shih Tzu, half Jack Russell, we named him Eddie after the dog on Frasier 🙂


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