Mint and Mustard.

First and Foremost: I finished my kiltie! Pics soon. I am super excited.

Secondly, I have been kind of obsessed with Go Chic or Go Home. It’s so fun to see all my clothes uploaded, and plan out cute outfits and what I’m going to wear. At first, the thought of adding all my clothes seemed like a Herculean task, even after I’d pared down my wardrobe. I started out with just tops and bottoms, because I thought those would be easy. But I accessorize so much, it’s hard to think of my outfits stripped down with out accessories  They just seemed incomplete. So I added tights, then hats, then shawls/scarves. I think I’m going to add my shoes too. I’m still working on getting only 33 items in my wardrobe for the start of March. I don’t think I’ll have 25% handmade. I make a lot of things, but mostly they’re accessories, like gloves or hats or scarves, I don’t make a lot of clothing pieces. I am going to try to make more clothing for this challenge, but that’ll be something I work on over the year.

Here is one of my favorite outfits so far:

M&M1 M&M2 M&M3This outfit I love because I haven’t worn this skirt in forever, but now I want to wear it all the time! The sweater I thrifted a few days ago. I took a risk and didn’t try it on because I figured I’d just re-donate it if it didn’t fit, but I love it. It had a little faux collar in it, I haven’t decicded if I’m going to take that out or not. There were faux cuffs on the sleeves, but I cut them off because they were too skinny for my arms. I’m still working on taking photos of myself, it’s a little awkward, but practice makes perfect!


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