A Week in Pictures

aweekinpictures1) Avocado, hummus and matzoh. 2) This green goddess salad dressing. 3) I bought tulips (I am so excited for spring!) 4) Snow last week 5)Carnations and camera lenses (Don’t worry, I didn’t destroy a lens, that’s a lens mug.) 6)Homemade marshmallows with vegan hot chocolate! (I’m still looking for a good non-gelatin, vegan, no-corn syrup recipe, let me know if you find one) 7)I organized my yarn, and actually used a pin on Pinterest! 8)Some gouache painting. Very relaxing! 9)My entire yarn stash 10)Gin and Tonic cake a friend made for another friend at a birthday party. Delicious!

I haven’t done a lot of knitting this week, but here are some snapshots of what I have been up too.



Achievement Unlocked: Kiltie

I finished my Kiltie! I hadn’t read any of the notes on the patterns on Ravelry, but I should have, because my Kiltie turned out way to big. Way to big. So I learned how to steek and cut some side paneling out of each side of the skirt, and it fit much better. I added elastic to the waist to help keep it up, and perfection! These are my second favorite knee-high boots, after the brown ones. They’re not as waterproof as the brown ones, so they don’t work in the snow as well. The shawl is my Catkin, and yes, it’s the same color red as my skirt. Red and grey are definitely the themes of this outfit. I mostly added the shawl to make this outfit closer to 25% handmade, but I think it fits well with the over all color scheme. My Catkin is in worsted weight wool, and is enormous. The original called for sock weight, but it’s definitely warm!

kiltetime kiltietime2 kiltietime3Eddie admires my awesomeness. Also I was re-organizing my yarn collection, you can see it on the side.