Hey, it’s been quiet around here. The last two days were topping out a 60 degree, which I loved, but today it’s snowing, so it’s back in hibernation mode. I’ve cast on a Kilite, and it’s been frogged twice, along with the miles of stockinette stitch, it’s not fast moving. I am really excited for it to be finished. I’d love to to be able to wear it to a Superbowl party Sunday, but I’m aware of my abilities enough to not get to hopeful. I’m also about a quarter of the way through the Windward, another fun, but slow moving project.


On the Project 333 front, I have done some work. I sorted through all my clothes, and am donating over half, and throwing out a few things that are no longer wearable. It’s not a huge impact in terms of what I wear on a daily basis, since most of the clothes I’m donating are clothes I don’t wear anyway. It is nice to know that my closet is cleaner, and that I’m donating clothes to people who could use them. I also uploaded photos of all my clothes to Go Chic or Go Home a cool website that lets people upload clothes and create outfits, as well as find inspiration through things other people post.